Cow Milk Caramel

Bake-stable and spreadable cow milk caramel that preserves the natural traits of handcrafted traditional cow milk caramel without loosing texture
nor flavor, weather baked or spread.

Features: Both, bake-stable and spreadable recipes preserve flavor, color, scent and texture regardless of the use.

The bake-stable cow milk caramel may be baked at 210ºC for 10 direct minutes without expanding.

Spreadable cow milk caramel may be baked at 160ºC.

Suggested uses: Cakes, tarts, cookies, bread, pastry, jelly, mousse, frostings, decorating, ice-cream companion, fine pastry and gourmet bread-making.

Pastry filling sleeve: 1 kg (12 piece box)
Pail: 5 kg and 24 kg

Bread-Making and Table Spreads